Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How do American CMEs courses work?

    Thanks to our great sponsors, all our users have to do is create an account and begin using our education. If you would like to have your entire agency under an account, a free service, please fill out this form and we at American CME will create an agency account for you so that you can track your agencies training.

  2. How do I set up an account for a Fire or EMS department?

    Agency accounts are free to set up and simple. All that is needed is to fill out this form and send it to American CME at Please contact us if ou have any questions.

  3. Why can I not view my CME?

    In order to view our courses you must have Adobe Flash. It is a free download and can be found here. Mozilla Firefox is the preferred browser to use with any Moodle site. If you run into any issues using our site please try Firefox as your web browser.

  4. Do American CME credits count towards National Registry?

    Yes, the NREMT accepts continuing education from an organization that has approval from a State EMS office. Please contact the NREMT for further questions or for the amount of credits you may take.

  5. If I leave during my course will I be able to start where I left off?

    Unfortunately at this point that is not possible. Our CMEs are 30 minutes long, and we are hopeful you will not be pulled away. We are currently working on being able to resume where you left off.

  6. What type of internet connection do I need to view the courses?

    In order to properly view the CMEs, it is strongly recommended to have a high speed internet connection. Dial-up or a slow connection will result in loading issues during your course.

  7. How do I know if the courses at American CME are approved in the State I live in?

    Under our "Accepted States" tab, you will find a list of states in which American CME is approved. Check back often, we are constantly updating that page.

  8. Are there employment opportunities with American CME?

    Yes, American CME is always looking for motivated individuals who want to help bring quality education to EMS. If you are interested please contact us.

Special thanks to our sponsors for helping to bring this education to you.
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